Marriage Reflections

Reflections are aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words composing the reflection bring up related mental images into the mind, which inspire, energize and motivate. Repeating reflections, and the resultant mental images, affect your subconscious mind, which in turn, influences your behavior, habits, actions and reactions.

What Can Reflections Do for your Marriage?

They can help move you in a positive direction.
They can keep your mind focused on a positive goal.
They can influence your subconscious mind and activate its powers to help you achieve more.
They can change the way you think and behave in your marriage, and this can help you achieve positive relationship goals.
Positive statements can make you feel positive, energetic and active, and therefore, put you in a better position to make the most of your marriage and your commitment to your spouse.

There’s a short preview of each reflection below, with a link to the full PDF – use them and the associated questions – where included – to help strengthen your relationship before, during and after marriage!

Effective Communication in Marriage

If you want a marriage that’s filled with passion, excitement and mutual respect, the key to that type of marriage is effective communication. The greater the depth of communication, the stronger the bond will be between you and your spouse.

This report details three important tips to help you create more effective communication, which provides an opportunity to deepen your relationship and show your spouse how much you care.

My Marriage is Worth the Work

Marriage is the sweetest institution ever created when my spouse and I live in peace and harmony. To build an unbreakable bond requires effort on the part of both of us, and I am willing to work on my marriage is worth the work.

This affirmation will help you understand why your marriage is worth the work it takes to sustain it, consider what sacrifices you may be willing to make for the success of your marriage, and show you how you can be more selfless in your relationship.