Sample Ceremony Scripts

The manual used by Justices of the Peace have several sample ceremonies which can be used for prospective couples.

The ceremonies are quite simple, with options for No-ring, Double-ring, and Single-ring verbiage.

Each of the links below will open a PDF in a separate window with the suggested standard verbiage – which, I will add, I almost NEVER use. I prefer to customize the verbiage for each ceremony I perform – even if just a little – to make each couple’s big day as unique as they are.

Customizations I’ve used for prior couples include:

  • Poetry or song verses
  • Bible verses
  • Spiritual texts
  • References to family traditions
  • Other verses or text important to the couple


The links below will show you the basic scripts that are included in the Justice of the Peace manuals we are issued – please note, I use these scripts as a starting point and customize them for each couple.

Basic Civil Union script

Same Sex Marriage Ceremony Basic Script

Wedding Vows – Basic options

Short Renewal of Vows Script